Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Twittimer: Easily Schedule & Manage Tweets, Facebook and LinkedIn

Twittimer, is an amazing web app, which is mostly useful for Entrepreneurs, small business, non profit profile organizations, or any user who makes use of social media very often, and want something productive way to manage their social profile in an ease way.

This web app is definitely going to be useful for those who want to schedule posts, and are looking for a way which they can use to post to multiple social accounts at once.

The use is really simple, an average internet user can right away start using it, without any difficulties. Just login using any of your social account: Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Why use Twittimer

  • Schedule posts to publish later.
All you have to do is select a date and accounts to publish on.
  • Photos are the main source of interaction. You can add at most 4 photos per post.
  • View post archives of last 60 days. And re-post any specific post you'd like.
  • Get complete details of each posts, including likes, retweets, shares and views.
  • Write and save drafts.
  • Shorten your long URLs using Goo.gl or Bit.ly, right from the app.
  • Bulk upload posts using CSV, which is definitely going to save a lot of time. 

Besides, what I personally love about this web app is its RSS repost feature, which allows me to add RSS feeds of my favorite sites and I can re-post latest contents from those sites to my various social profiles.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

How Many Followers of a Twitter Account are Fake

Although, I joined Twitter like 6 years ago, on February 2010, I haven't been much attracted to it. To be frank, I used to find it a bit difficult to understand about stuffs happening on my account feed, I'm talking about re-tweets, replies and all.

After I continued writing blogs, I shared some of my posts on my Twitter account, which was kind of inactive. Good for me, my followers including my relatives and friends were still following me, even after my in-activeness. I did started to get decent traffic to my blog from Twitter. Which increased my interest towards it, and nowadays I like most of the time on Twitter. You can find me here @RlamsalNP.

Although, I have around 600 followers on Twitter, but the interaction rarely goes beyond 10 likes, 5-6 re-tweets, 4-5 comments. Well, where are my other followers and why aren't they interacting?

Well, there's not point for me to get happy, because of 600+ people following me on Twitter. Among those accounts,

  • Some are very active,
  • Some open their account once in a month,
  • And remaining have created an account & followed me and now they're never ever going to login. 

This post is about somehow directly-indirectly related to the last ones. Yes, there are thousands of fake Twitter accounts. Using the term 'fake', I mean 'inactive accounts'. Follow from these sorts of accounts are useless, since they're never ever going to interact in any of your tweets.

And there's a way to find how many of your Twitter followers are fake, using this Web App called twitteraudit.

Know How Many of Your Followers Are Fake

Visit twitteraudit official site, and enter your Twitter handle, and click on 'Audit' button.

In the next page, you'll be presented with the numbers of Real followers and Fake followers.

Oops! I've around 244 fake twitter accounts following me.

The web app didn't provide me with the list of twitter accounts following me which it has determined as fake. But, this can be used to roughly estimate the ratio of active and inactive twitter accounts.

How is a Twitter Profile determined as fake

Random samples of 5000 followers are taken from a user, and points are determined for each follower based on numbers of tweets, date of last tweet, ratio of followers to friend.

Results of Some of the Famous Twitter Accounts

If you like, you can also check the numbers of fake followers of other Twitter account too, and know if they've increased their followers by organic or any-other means.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Improve Your Typing Speed With TypingClub

Over a period of time, a normal computer user get familiar with keyboard, and eventually his typing speed gets improved.

There's no secret to improving typing speed, except practice. The more you play with keyboard, the more you're going to be familiar with the position of keys, which leads to becoming a typing ninja.

But, besides practice, which is obviously 99% secret to improving your typing speed, there's another factor that do affect the speed, and that is your fingers placing position over the keyboard.

I did mention that practice is the main key, but where to start? Should you use word processors like Microsoft Word, Libre Office, Pages for Mac or browser based web apps?

Well, in that case, I'd recommend using a web application TypingClub. There are many web apps which help you practice typing, but TypingClub is a bit more easy and effective to learn.

TypingClub has an easy to use interface, and most importantly you don't need to create any sort of account to start learning.  You'll just need to keep on practicing each lessons, until and unless you get all 5 stars. In order to save your progress, you might want to create a profile for yourself.

Why use TypingClub to Learn Typing

  • It has an interactive and engaging user interface. You're not learning, you're playing.
  • Guides you to properly place your hands on each keys as you type.
  • Includes Levels, badges & Stars, which motivates you to keep going on.
  • You can view your past playbacks and know how you typed previously. You'll see differences over a week.
  • No need of installation of any software or apps. All you need is just a browser, and a keyboard.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Generate Social Media Sharing Buttons Without JavaScript & Tracking

The best way to impress your website visitors is to make your content available for them as quickly as possible. Posts or Articles contents in your website are meant to reach to thousands of users. For asking people to share their content, what most website owners do to display social media share buttons is, they just copy and paste the code generated by the social media, eg, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus. Those code snippets, contain JavaScript along with extra lines of codes to track the button usage and the users.

If you're one of them, who just want to add super fast loading and clean social media buttons to your website, then you might definitely want to check this web application.

Sharingbuttons, is an amazing online tool, that helps you to generate social media sharing buttons without any sorts of JavaScript and tracking.

Why use Sharingbuttons for your website?

  • Absolutely free and no registration required.
  • Select design for your buttons, and code is automatically generated.
  • Includes buttons for 10 social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Tumblr, Email, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit, Xing, Whatsapp.
  • No use of javascript, and only 1 HTTP request is done. When using all available social media profiles, you save 216.45 KB of data and 18 HTTP requests.
  • No coding skills required, Just copy the HTML and CSS lines into your website.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

48 Official Tips & Tricks for Android by Google

The number of Android users have already crossed 1 Billion mark.

That's a huge number, isn't it? It means that hundreds and thousands of Android users are looking for tips about Android, to get their things done or solve any sort of problem that arises over a period of time while using Android powered phone.

Basically, when someone searches about something related to 'Android' or 'Android tips and tricks', about 70-80% of those search queries are likely to bring results from websites like xda-developers, makeuseof, androidcentral, androidauthority, androidpolice, androidandme.

Most of the Android users are already familiar with these authority sites. And, they do have high quality tips and tricks, guides & tutorials related to Android and its features.

But, Getting official tips and tricks for Android from Google, is just next thing.

Some of you might have already noticed a "Tips & Tricks" section in Android's official website. For those who are literally unaware of this, at the time I was preparing this post, there are altogether 48 Android tips and tricks published by Google.

The tips and tricks are categorized into various categories: Featured, Privacy & Security, Voice, Camera & Photo, Battery, Customization, More Apps, Settings.

When you visit the site, you'll see various guides listed with a heading and its summary. You can click on "Learn More' link to expand that particular guide to view complete steps.

It doesn't matter if you have been with Android for years, or have just started out, you might want to go through these tips and ticks, and bookmark the page, so that you can access it later when more guides are added to the list.

Android Tips & Tricks (goes to Android official website)

How to Quickly Create TV News Report Photo Montage

No, that's not me on the news. Its just a photo montage, created using a web app, about which I'm going to discuss in this post.

You might have seen people editing photos and making look like they appeared on a TV news report. It is very common on Facebook groups, at least here where I'm from.

Some people might be proficient in using graphics editing tools like Photoshop. It's just matter of couple of minutes, for them to develop exact photo which is shown above (me on a news report with some sort of headline).

Not all people might have good command over image editing tools. But, this should not limit them. If you're among one of them, who don't care about manual way of creating photo montages, instead prefer using a web based automatic tool, well this post is definitely for you.

Create TV News Photo Montage

Well, creating a TV news report photo montage is really very easy and can be done within couple of seconds, with this web app TV News Montage by GrafMe.

Go to the web app, the first step is to choose a picture for the montage. Click on 'Choose File' button and select a photo from your computer.

Next, you'll have 8 template designs to choose from. Click on any one of them you like and move to next step.

The 3rd, 4th and 5th steps are to choose title, subtitle and date for the montage. To get idea how title and subtitle are shown, just hover over any particular template in step 2. 

Once you're done, click on 'create' button to generate a TV news report photo montage based on your preferences. Now, you can save the photo montage to your computer and share it with your friends on social media or wherever you like.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Access Messenger, Gmail, Skype, Outlook, Telegram From One Place

I am an online freak, its because I spend more than 10 hours a day staying online. Basically, I use Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Messenger, Skype, Outlook, Blogger, and others web apps and services.

It does not matter, where and what I'm working on. I don't find it difficult to take out some minutes just to check updates on these social profiles. Facebook and Twitter, are the apps which I mostly go after, now and then.

When ever I'm over my laptop, I rarely make use of my cell phone to check what's happening over those social networks. The first thing, I ever do, after turning on my laptop, is open up browser and start typing facebook.com, twitter.com, outlook.com, and so on. I rarely open other sites, the very first time.

Well, opening up each social networks, messaging & email services, its actually a boring task for someone like me who checks for updates quite often.

Rambox: Free and Open Source Messaging & Emailing App

Instead, recently, I've come across a free and opensource app called Rambox. An app that brings all of your messaging and emailing services in one place. It's really quick and convenient to get all these services at one place, instead of opening each one of them in numerous tabs in your browser.

Rambox is a free app. Its source code can be viewed in Github and is available for all Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

Currently, while I was preparing this post, Rambox has integrated 44 third party services including Messenger, Gmail, Skype, Outlook, Telegram, Hangouts, WhatsApp, Yahoo.

Features of Rambox

  • Display Notifications within the app, if third party service supports
  • Lock the app, if you're going out of your laptop for a time
  • Do not disturb mode, to disable all notifications and sounds
  • Reorder third party services
  • Always runs and can be accessed from the system tray
  • Configure to automatically run the app when computer boots
Rambox, can be downloaded from its Official Website.

If you're an online freak, just like me, then this app will definitely save your time. 

You'll love enjoying this app, since you're able to access to all of your messaging and email services, right from one place.